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Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast of "The Greatest Show: A Broadway Cabaret!"

Red Candle

Beth is a professional actress and artisan who has been performing since she was 15 in community theatre. Her roles have included everything from Cinderella and Sebastian the Crab, to Helena in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Her most recent role with Hummingbird was the Baker’s Wife in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” Beth is thrilled to be part of this show as it is a combination of some of her favorite musicals. With a great set list and a fantastic team, it’s sure to be… well… spectacular-spectacular! 

Sarah joined Hummingbird's team in 2019 as a cast member in their production of William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." Since then, she has become costumer for each production for the company and this is her second show as assistant director. In addition to her costuming talents, Sarah brings her fantastic comedic skills and is breaking out of her comfort zone, showcasing her vocals. She looks forward to Hummingbird's future productions, so she can add dramatic acting to her repertoire.

Omar Ernesto Huerta has performed at numerous theaters throughout the Sacramento area. This will be their second show with Hummingbird Theater Company! When Omar isn't on stage, they enjoy their hobbies which are, playing Dungeons and Dragons (hit me up if you wanna play or set up a game!) and also regularly L.A.R.Ps with a Foam fighting Comunity (on Saturdays HMU if you wanna come hit people!). ;). Professionally, Omar works as a Voice actor, and as a Paraeducator at a Middle School in Woodland and is currently working on becoming a Teacher. Omar thanks you for reading our long bios and staring at our headshots wondering if "I think I saw this person perform somewhere else before!" and also for coming today to see all the hard work they have been working on!

Emily is happy to be performing in her fourth production with Hummingbird Theatre Company! Her body of work includes productions such as Newsies (Katherine), Pippin (Player), Puffs (Sally Perks) and Little Women (Meg) with Sutter Street Theatre and Pride & Prejudice (Lydia) and Into The Woods (Sleeping Beauty) with Hummingbird Theatre Co. Her favorite role has been performing in Godspell at Sutter Street Theatre, first in the ensemble and then again singing Day By Day. She wishes to thank Danielle, Sarah, Diane, Tom and her fellow castmates for this positive performance experience! She hopes you enjoy the show. Colossians 3:17

Adam Russ is a 25-year-old Sacramento area native who was bitten by the theatre bug back when he was in highschool. Adam's theatrical background spans 10 years and includes one highschool theatre, two college theatres, two community theatres, and he is proud to now add Hummingbird Theatre Company to that list. His notable past roles include: Jud Fry in PSP's Oklahoma!, Nicky in CRC Theatre's Avenue Q, and Grandpa in The Fourth Wall's The Trail to Oregon!. As Adam's first show with HTC, The Greatest Show has been a challenging yet rewarding show that has helped him grow significantly as a performer. He would like to extend his gratitude to the talented and welcoming cast of The Greatest Show. He would also like to thank his girlfriend Zoë, his friends, and his family for their support in his latest theatrical endeavor. This is the Greatest Show!

This is Carolyn’s third show with Hummingbird Theatre. This means they are Facebook official and she is part of the company! Carolyn has also previously worked with Humminbird Theatre as the improv instructor for Rancho Cordova Players and helps in small ways. She may also have had something to do with the script the MC uses. If he used a script. Whose to say?

Everyone always says their cast is excellent blah, blah, blah. Carolyn told me a secret about this cast…They are just the best humans. Typically, Carolyn would put some snazzy accolades, a quote, or a favorite character she has done, but not this time. It's time to be brave folks. Carolyn was diagnosed with Crohn’s last year and recently Arthritis. The fact that she gets to perform today is tremendous. She implores you, if you know what makes you come alive never give up on it. Find a way. She is supported by good friends and her cat, who graciously gave her time off from the biscuit-making factory to be here.

Trevor Haar is an actor who is nearing the point in his life where he has been acting for almost half of it. He has performed in straight plays like Rumors, Romeo and Juliet and Clue; and musicals like The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Into the Woods. He is thrilled to be performing in his third production with the lovely people at Hummingbird, and he wants to thank his family for always supporting him through every single production, and his Sac State community for being a great place to grow as he moves on to his next endeavors!

Carter Medlin is pleased to be the Emcee for The Greatest Show! It’s too bad none of the top hats fit his large dome. 


This is Carter’s 3rd production with HTC, after playing the role Professor Plum in Clue on Stage and the Narrator in Into the Woods. His previous roles include Franz in The Sound of Music, the Herald in Cinderella, and Papa Ogre in Shrek the Musical.


Carter enjoys learning theatre arts from his talented teenage children Xander, Aubree & Teagan, and his theater educated wife Shelby. 

Kathleen (Katie) O’Rourke is addicted to the stage and is gladly entering her third decade of gracing them with this 2023 HTC production. She is immensely grateful to HTC for this engaging and rewarding performance opportunity! Katie enjoys gardening, cooking, listening to live jazz, bird-watching, playing the piano, eating milk chocolate, smelling ALL of the roses, dancing and (last but not least) singing. Katie runs her own music studio in East Sacramento offering piano, singing and composition lessons. Check out for more information. Best of luck to this amazingly talented cast, crew and directors. You're all delicious dazzling diamonds. 

Mathis Sauvageau is so very excited to be back working with Hummingbird; previously working on last year’s production of Clue in the roll of the inept and bumbling “Cop”. 

Past roles have also included:“The Woodsman” from Into The Woods, “The White King“ from Alice in Wonderland, and “Scooby-Doo” from Scooby Don’t!, Mathis is thrilled to finally be working on a musical. He’s also enjoying working on the stage with Danielle Mercado, Sarah Feuerbach, and his sister Joe Sauvageau. That’s right: he’s Getting absolutely married to the idea of musicals, today.

Joe Sauvageau is incredibly excited to be on stage after helping backstage during the production of “Clue”. This will be their first show on stage that wasn’t a high school reader’s theater performance. Having just turned 18, it took a while to get used to some of the more… romantic scenes and revealing outfits but they hope they don’t look nearly as confused as they felt during all of rehearsals. Joe is going to be pursuing a degree in Criminal Psychology, but plans to complete EMT training and becoming a firefighter if their grandmother doesn’t convince them to move back to Montreal first. Overall, they just really hope you enjoy the show as much as they enjoyed doing it!

Karl Moran is a dancer and seductress at their very core. On the dance floor they also teach a range of dance languages their favorites being blues, rumba, zouk, Argentine tango. Off the stage and dance floor they facilitate a polyamory group and help individuals gain self awareness around their dating approaches and relationships. Karl was very excited to be asked to perform in this production and to be working with the Hummingbird crew.

Dani Wiesenthal has appeared in several film and theatre productions. You may have seen her in Les Miserables and Into the Woods with Young Actors Stage; A Night to Forget with Redjack Pictures; and The Mad Ones with San Diego State's Musical Theatre Club, to name just a few. Dani is currently studying at Sacramento State, and will be graduating with a Bachelors in Theatre (hopefully) in Fall of 2024. A native of Sacramento, Dani has enjoyed working with a local theatre company like Hummingbird. This will be her first production with Hummingbird, and she couldn't be more thrilled! Dani would like to thank her amazingly talented cast; her fantastic and patient music director, Diane; her skillful and artistic genius costumer designer, Sarah; and the wonderful and creative director, Danielle! Enjoy the show!

Jarod Wiggins was born and raised in Sacramento and has recently graduated with a BA in theatre from Sacramento State. He has been a company member with Hummingbird Theatre for a few years now and greatly enjoys every show he’s worked on there. Outside of acting, Jarod also does stage combat and has done fight choreography for several shows in the area. Besides theatre he is working on an album with his band Midnight Zombies set to release later this year. Finally he hopes you laugh, cry, and thoroughly everything you see tonight. 

Jen Miller is a long-time actress with a BA in Theater Arts from Brigham Young University, and was an MFA in Acting candidate at Southern Methodist University. Her theater credits with Hummingbird Theater Company include Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. She has also been involved in an improv show at The Stage at Burke Junction, but for now is just getting her acting chops back with The Greatest Show – A Cabaret!

​Danielle has been directing for several years and is arguably the most promising upcoming talent on the local theatre scene. With years of experience working with children and young adults, she is a wiz at developing performers' talents and bringing a cast together to create something truly remarkable.  ​Mercado holds a Master of Arts in Directing from Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts- B.A. In Theatre Arts Sacramento State University- Miss Sacramento 2007 Scholarship Winner- Miss El Dorado 2005 Scholarship Winner- Miss California Participant- Imagination Theatre Director Scholarship- Capital Stage Assistant Director- Sacramento State University Teaching Artist and Assistant Director- Miss Sacramento County Board of Directors- Bradshaw Christian School Drama Teacher and Director from 2010-2015

Diane Standring (Music Director, Stage Manager, Performer) is thrilled to be back working with Hummingbird Theatre Company for a third production. Diane joined HTC in 2021 when she played the role of Cinderella's Stepmother in "Into the Woods". She jumped at the chance to work with the group again as Stage Manager and Mrs. Peacock's Understudy in "CLUE: On Stage" last summer, and was humbled and excited when asked to direct the music for the broadway cabaret. Elementary school Principal by day and wife/mother to three boys by night, Diane is so grateful to use her skills, talents, and put her expensive bachelor's degree in music to good use. Diane is thankful for her husband David and her son's Ian, Nathan, and Jacob for being patient with her and supporting her when she is gone for long rehearsals, and is also so grateful and thankful to Danielle Mercado and the Hummingbird Theatre Company for the chance to be part of what is truly THE GREATEST SHOW!

Doug Wilcox recently came back to the stage after a lengthy hiatus and is immensely enjoying his experiences with Hummingbird Theatre Company. He played Mr. Boddy in HTC’s Summer 2022 production of Clue - previously, he played Romeo in Del Paso Manor’s 5th grade Spring 1985 production of a couple scenes of Romeo and Juliet. Doug is a former professional bowler who sings and dances like, well… a former professional bowler. But he’s trying very hard!! Doug is not used to referring to himself in 3rd person, so Doug will stop writing about Doug soon. But first, Doug would like to thank his family and friends for their support, the talented cast and director group (Danielle, Sarah, and Diane) for their patience with him, and his wonderful girlfriend for being the Cinderella that this Prince has been waiting for all his life.


Jennifer Reeves started doing theatre in high school. She joined Hummingbird Theatre Co when they started in 2017. Some of the shows she has done include Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream, Taming of the Shrew, Pride and Prejudice, Frozen and Nightmare Before Christmas. Most recent and most favorite roles include Rapunzel from Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” and Mrs Peacock from “Clue”. This group has been such a joy to work with! Such talented singers and actors! Huge thanks to our Director, Danielle, Co-director and costumer Sarah, Music director Diane and Sound/Light tech Tom! We couldn’t do it without them! Also a shout out to my wonderful boyfriend who is also in the show, to my 2 amazing kids and to my family who have all be so supportive! Hope you enjoy our performance - The Greatest Show!!

Director and Choreographer- Danielle Mercado

Music Director/Stage Manager- Diane Standring

Assistant Director/ Costume- Sarah Feuerbach

Assistant Choreographer- Jennifer Reeves

Hadestown Choreography- Beth Beam

Lights and Sound- Tom Colburn

Mic Assistance- Nathan Standring

Spotlight- Ian Standring

Bartender- Kanai Kalama

Carpenter- Martin Feil




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