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"Theatre for the People"


Since our debut opening in 2017, Hummingbird Theatre Company has been working day and night to achieve one main goal: to bring quality Performing Arts Theatre performances to the community of Sacramento. Our mission is to bring theatre to the people, making this amazing art form accessible to all. Through high-quality entertainment and stellar arts training, we strive to make this world a better place by bringing shared joy and laughter: a shared human experience to our fellow man.



Hummingbird Theatre Company has been staging artistic performances in the Sacramento area since 2017. We believe our artists and performers deserve to have a platform from which they can share their creative and innovative works. Our goal is to provide our audiences an artistic and emotional experience they won’t forget. Check out our upcoming performances and buy your tickets today.




Danielle Mercado (Company Founder and Director)

Danielle Mercado has been directing for several years, whose focus and passion lies in being able to bring the art of live theatre to the local scene. Making the arts accessible and enjoyable for everyone is part of her ongoing mission. With years of experience working with children and young adults, she has a talent for bringing forward every performers' talents and skills, so that no matter what role they play, they feel like a star when on the stage of one of her productions. She has an exceptional talent for uniting a cast to the extent that they form a close-knit family throughout the show's duration. Her contributions of depth, wit, and excellence elevate performances, and her vibrant personality isn't confined to the stage but extends beyond. Her storytelling method is distinctive, captivating all audiences - even those who are not regular theatre goers. All in all she is a truly talented director and leader, who was also humble enough that she had to have someone else write this for her. Because she would have just put the following:

Mercado holds a Master of Arts in Directing from Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts- B.A. In Theatre Arts Sacramento State University- Miss Sacramento 2007 Scholarship Winner- Miss El Dorado 2005 Scholarship Winner- Miss California Participant- Imagination Theatre Director Scholarship- Capital Stage Assistant Director- Sacramento State University Teaching Artist and Assistant Director- Miss Sacramento County Board of Directors- Bradshaw Christian School Drama Teacher and Director from 2010-2015

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