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May 24, 2019


Offered by

Hummingbird Theatre Company

In partnership with the Rancho Cordova Department of Parks and Recreation

Physical Comedy and Stage Combat: Ages 8 and up.

A movement-based workshop that uses the actor’s main modality: the body- in an effective and freeing manner that becomes expressive onstage. Units include Actor’s movement, Physical Comedy, and Stage Combat. This will be a very fun, high-energy, and active class. Participants can expect to imagine themselves going on a Safari in the Jungle, defending the Emperor’s Sacred Temple, or up in Space.

Taught by Hummingbird Theatre Company Members Jarod Wiggins, Nath Maghinay, and Stephan de la Rosa

Costuming/ Special Effects Makeup- Ages 12 to 100

Historical costuming techniques using modern day clothing, tips and tricks, simple sewing, crafting costumed characters, and learning stage makeup, including glamour, old age, blood and guts, and fantasy characters.

Taught by Hummingbird Theatre Company Members Sarah Feuerbach and Beth Beam

Children’s Musical Theatre Camp Ages 7-18

Our first youth performance of “Peter Pan”. No audition necessary. Kids will be placed in spots in the show, perhaps playing a pirate, a fairy, an Indian, or Lost Boy. This is a process-based learning model, so kids will help make their costumes, help paint sets, and learn how to act, sing, and dance from various instructors. This will culminate in a performance for parents.

Taught by Hummingbird Theatre Company Members

Musical Theatre Workshop

Ages 10-100

Musical theatre singing technique, songs, and group numbers, including dance. In this class, you will learn warmups for singing, correct technique, and pick songs to sing and perform. One solo (if you wish) and at least one group song/dance number will be taught to each student. Some vocal experience is preferred but not necessary.

Taught by Hummingbird Theatre Company Members Jennifer Reeves and Jarod Wiggins

Children’s Puppetry Workshop: Ages 8-18

Learn how to build and use theatrical puppets in an amazing way. Puppetry is widely used in live theatre performances (think Sesame Street, live Disney shows, etc) and is magically fun to learn! In this class, you will design and build puppets that you can use to entertain and enjoy! You will also learn how to “talk” using your puppet and work with them onstage! Will finish in a culminated performance.

Taught by Hummingbird Theatre Company Member Beth Beam

Speech and Audition Technique: Ages 13- 100

For the actor and non-actor alike, this class will teach you how to use your voice effectively in the boardroom or onstage. Participants will learn how to project, enunciate and become a commanding speaker. This will assist with audition technique, where participants read from plays, stories and poems. Learn what to expect from a theatre/film audition and how to nail it!

Taught by Instructor Carrie Stroud

The Following Classes are taught by Artistic Director, Danielle Mercado

VOCAL LESSONS-  Our instructor will work with you one on one to fine tune (pun intended) your unique instrument and produce sounds you didn't know you were capable of! With our training, you'll learn techniques to tap into your inner power and explore new ways of singing that will round out your performing talents. From beginner to veteran, we can offer advanced technique and performance training in a fun, friendly environment to grow, develop and take you to the next level. Currently Running

AUDITION PREP- Whether you want a career in theatre, or would like to improve your chances of getting a lead role, this one-on-one class is for you. We will provide you with material suited for you, and work on character development and authenticity.

Currently Running

SCENE STUDY- A group class that focuses on developing select scenes from various plays. Scene partners are usually broken up into teams of 2-3, with individual work required outside of class. There is also an ensemble piece for a culminating experience. This class will teach the importance of working with your fellow actors, finding deeper meaning, and connection with your scene partners onstage.

Coming Soon

As the season progresses, we will be offering more workshops for acting, improvisational skills and drama. Please contact us for more information.

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