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Hummingbird Theatre Company


Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, no new students are being accepted at this time. Please contact us to get on a waitlist for when they open back up!


VOCAL LESSONS-  Our instructor will work with you one on one to fine tune (pun intended) your unique instrument and produce sounds you didn't know you were capable of! With our training, you'll learn techniques to tap into your inner power and explore new ways of singing that will round out your performing talents. From beginner to veteran, we can offer advanced technique and performance training in a fun, friendly environment to grow, develop and take you to the next level. Currently Running

AUDITION PREP- Whether you want a career in theatre, or would like to improve your chances of getting a lead role, this one-on-one class is for you. We will provide you with material suited for you, and work on character development and authenticity.

Currently Running

SCENE STUDY- A group class that focuses on developing select scenes from various plays. Scene partners are usually broken up into teams of 2-3, with individual work required outside of class. There is also an ensemble piece for a culminating experience. This class will teach the importance of working with your fellow actors, finding deeper meaning, and connection with your scene partners onstage.

Coming Soon

As the season progresses, we will be offering more workshops for acting, improvisational skills and drama. Please contact us for more information.

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